Introducing….Major PR

Introducing….Major PR

The term public relations encompasses an ever-growing wide range of services, with many companies offering social media expertise, public affairs advice and digital marketing alongside tradition media relations. While it is a crowded marketplace, the demand for PR and reputation management remains strong. And the fast moving nature of the industry means that newer names like Major PR can hold their own against bigger players by knowing what they can offer better than everyone else.

This year looks set to be a strong one for the PR industry. Despite a busy market and the constant influx of new players, the 2015 World PR Report found that the global PR industry grew by 7% last year and PR Week’s Top 150 reported that fees earned by the top agencies in 2014 surpassed £1B for the first time.

Online versus offline PR?

Off. On. The line shouldn’t matter. Real-world PR, event management and print are still valuable tools for communications and engagement. Good ideas get shared, so we start with the story and work up the tactics from there.Great brands have always been interested in dialogue with their audience. Social gives audiences the power to start this conversation and, as brand is increasingly controlled by consumers, connects you with your customers.


In an industry as busy as PR, finding something that no-one has done before can be difficult. So Major PR differentiates itself from others by being better and has an ethos based on not just creating column inches but generating sales for clients. It doesn’t matter how many PR companies there are, Major PR will fill the gap which others are leaving because a clients need isn’t being met.

Major PR is all about innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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