Product Launches

I love product launches because that means we have something new to talk about and, as a former journalist, I understand the importance of PR having a news value. Without this it is much harder to generate column inches and ultimately create sales.

I am always keen for product launches to be hosted by the key people, be that the winemaker, owner, CEO etc. It’s not about me or the marketing people, we are just there to organise everything, make sure people show up on the day and ensure the event runs smoothly. It’s also my job to follow-up after the launch to secure those all-important articles and brand features.

These key people (hosts) hold the stories that spark the imagination in the minds of the media. They are the ones who can help transport them to the vineyards and help them understand better the sense of place found in their glass. A brilliantly worded press release has nothing on engaging with the owner or winemaker of a family business that spans more than 250 years, or listening to someone who has given up a hugely success career in another industry to make wine.