Seasonal Gifting

Seasonal Gifting is the perfect opportunity for my clients to be included in columns for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Competition is fierce for that much coveted slot in Vanity Fair’s A List column, for example, so your product must ideally be new or at least perfect for the occasion.

Timing is fairly key too as media start compiling these columns well in advance. Deadlines aren’t as long as they used to be but the big glossy magazines still work two-to-three months in advance, although online is much shorter obviously.

Targeting the right media for my client’s product will also ensure more success. Not all publications will be interested in a gift over £50 or £100 for example, although others will be looking for the ultimate luxury items.

I often explain to my clients that a recommendation in a niche on-brand publication with a lower circulation is often as valuable as a product placement in a national title with more reach.

Sing GinIn the past I have found sometimes sending a few samples out to key media can help secure coverage and get a brand cut through.